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"You're really brilliant and I am so grateful we are partners. Thank you for seeing me and also just being a true expert and coaching me and guiding me. This is exactly it. You pushed me in that meeting. You were honest. You held up a mirror. I just have so much respect for you and what you’ve created."​

Jessica Zweig

Host of The SimplyBe. Podcast

"I have podcasted for two years, had multiple podcast managers and companies, and I have been jumping and seeking, looking for someone who would manage this with me, and really help me take it to the next level. First of all Sam bosses me up, which I love, and the professionalism that I have experienced has been exceptional. I hope you and Conner both realize what you’ve created. You’re an incredible woman and I’m so grateful to be in your world and your circle. It has been an exceptional experience."

Jen Szpigiel

host of Becoming Iconic: The Masterclass

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Christina Glickman

Xtra: Life & Style Unscripted is led by host Christina Glickman: think Oprah meets Gucci. This show is an honest, unscripted, puffy sleeve salute goodbye to the days of following the rules of anyone but your own. It’s permission to do life differently.

Christina infuses her wisdom as a mother of four, uber successful businesswoman and jaw dropping fashion visionary into conversations around edgy motherhood, fashion, entrepreneurship, and aging. Plus a little bit of everything in between. She’ll show you how a pair of scissors, some paper towels and a white t-shirt can change your life. Join TEDx Speaker, best-selling author and founder of the Xtra Love Army movement as we learn together how to shift your energy into greater possibility for a life unscripted. A life on your terms.

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