We are podcasters who get it. We’ve struggled with it all, we know the ins and outs of the business and we are honest as hell. You’re getting years of wisdom and a team that truly understands what you need and want. AND we are also a female-led company… *just saying*

Dedicated current and future podcasters who want to commit to quality content, growing genuine communities and show up daily to provide thoughtful, engaging conversations. You must be willing to invest in your show with your time and energy, consistently show up online, and communicate and engage your audience.

It depends, but a maximum of 4.

Let’s talk about what you need and find an offering that best supports you!

6 months and then month to month

This is really dependent upon you. We give you the framework and strategy to build your audience, but it’s your responsibility to show up for them every day.

Yes! Kelli is hands on in all strategy and onboarding and Conner handles a lot of tech and creative support. And we are here for our clients every step of the way.

EVERYTHING! We cover changes in the industry, algorithms, growth, new production ideas, and things we notice are not working. And we have an open door policy so our hosts can literally ask us anything!

We can! See GUIDE ME on the Soulfire Strategy page for more info!

Yes. That’s the biggest pain and we are 100% here to help you through those logistics of purchasing and setup!

Yes, on a client by client basis! 

It’s the best way to reach your audience. People deeply desire longform content and connection. You get to communicate and let your audience get to know you in a way that’s just not possible in social media. You have a perfect platform to hold your offerings and funnel clients into your programs and work. We see our podcasters make anywhere from an extra $500-$30k each month just through their shows.