Client signs contract + pays invoice in full

Sam schedules a 1 hour meeting with Client for the first week of the month

    1. In 1 hour meeting: 
      1. This is where we ask the Client their vision, develop the show layout, date of launch, artwork wants / vibe, music, who will be creating the intro + description copy, and Sam explains Trello
      2. We create space to go deep with the host on the why for their show, who they are speaking to, and the details of the show
  • If a Client requests a separate meeting to map out social media plans, guest outreach, topic / show development, this is an extra fee


Sam sends onboarding email that goes over everything from the meeting + creates deadlines for Client

Music selection for podcast intro / outro

For YT Package Only: Client creates a YT account (if not already established); Client creates brand management account for SFP to log in to.

3-5 Episodes are submitted by the Client, plus the Intro, Outro, Trailer, Description, and SFP bit for the intro in accordance with the deadlines from the email 

  • Intro: a 30 second introduction to the host and show
  • Outro: (optional) a short “thank you for listening, remember to subscribe, rate, and review!”
  • SFP bit: a separate recording of the host saying “this is a Soulfire Production”
  • Trailer: an introduction to the podcast; who the host is, what the audience should expect, and why they should tune in. Preferably less than 3 minutes long. 
  • Show description: A couple sentences introducing host & show


Art Templates + Podcast Cover review period

    1. Client has time to request edits/ changes to the templates and/or cover art. No more than 3 edit periods are allotted
    2. **Once templates + cover are approved, if any changes or edits are requested by the client, there will be a fee charged for our designer to make these new changes.**


      1. After the launch, episodes must be submitted 7 days prior to the release day. The Client can upload multiple episodes further in advance (banking episodes) if Client prefers! All audio + assets must be uploaded to Drive via Trello
      • Audio: The recording of the episode, the separate introduction / outro specific to the episode
      • Assets: The images, guest email, any notes for the production team, video of the interview (for IGTV or YT packages)