So, you want to get booked on podcasts but you’re not getting many HECK YEAHS to your pitches?

Or maybe you already know that being a guest on podcasts can be extremely helpful for your business, brand and overall name recognition, but you don’t even know where to start!?

Are you a podcaster or busy entrepreneur that has no time to pitch yourself and you want the BEST team to handle it all for you?

Whichever category you fall into, we’ve got you.


where we book you the shows so you can work your magic as a guest!

We’ve been in the podcast space for 5+ years and we get hundreds of pitches every week on behalf of our clients. The constant theme? They’re pretty terrible and we delete most of them.

If you don’t want that to be you, you’re in the right place.

We’ve been HIGHLY successful booking our clients on shows for years, because of our tried and true method that has people saying things like: “THIS IS THE BEST PITCH I’VE EVER RECEIVED!”

We know exactly how to position you, share your unique story and remarkable value to grab the attention of hosts, transforming you into a HELL YES guest.

Want to know more about PITCH ME? Apply below and we’ll talk through it with you.

Here’s some love from our clients who think we are pretty legit:

"This pitching process is the best and most successful I have ever seen. Over the last two years working with this team, I’ve regularly been booked on 8-10 shows per month that have organically turned into more clients for my business. I get a lot of pitches every day, and most of them are complete trash, with very little effort made to do it right. I am amazed at how well this works and how easy it is on my end to show up without having to handle all the logistics that I have zero time for as a busy working mama. This team gets me, my story and they just do it all so well."
Kelli Moore
Host of the top ranked shows: The Naked Mama and OK, Babe.
"Every week I was being booked on podcasts that not only supported business growth but also introduced me to incredible entrepreneurs along the way. Don't think twice about this investment! You will wonder what you ever did without them. They are exceptional!"
Jen Szpigiel