Welcome to Soulfire Strategy! If you don’t need full production services from us but still want our support and guidance, then you’re in the right place!


6 Week Show Launch

Have you been wanting to launch a podcast but struggle because of all the logistics? We’ve got you covered. We will take your concepts and ideas from dreams to reality in just 6 weeks. Once we launch you, you’ll have all the tools and resources to produce your show moving forward.

  • Take you through the SFP “onboarding process”
  • Produce your intro, outro, edit 2 episodes, curate music and an editing template 
  • Facilitate 1 60 minute strategy call with Kelli/Conner/Sam
  • Create a mood board, thumbnail & static art with our designer
  • Host a 30 min tech setup call with Conner + support in what to buy 
  • Give you full access to The Pod Course (everything we know about podcasting and how we support our clients monthly in one spot!)
  • Deliver the goods in google drive folder package 
  • Create a strategy for growth and reviews
  • Podcast Consulting 
  • If you’ve been looking for podcast mentors to help you figure out what’s going on with your show, this is the place for you. Have you wondered what the goal for downloads should be? Questioned why your show isn’t growing or wanted to figure out how to make money doing the thing you love most? We will break it all down.
  • A 2 Hour Deep Dive Strategy call with Kelli/Sam
  • Full access to The Pod Course 
  • Analysis of podcast/show titles, artwork, description, branding, show notes, audience, categories, messaging, interviews & conversations, intros, downloads and growth, social media 
  • Core values for the show, strategy for growth and reviews, how to make money, where to put your energy and effort
  • Identify who you’re talking to and what really matters to you; what are your struggles and how are you serving from that place
  • Break down what you offer and what value is in the show?
  • Position you as an authority and guide 
  • Provide honest feedback and guidance 
  • Help you not be boring 
  • Identify who you should be interviewing 
  • Decide on balance of SOLOs vs. Interviews