"Working with Soulfire™ has been a game changer for our production and marketing. Having their team of creatives take over the post-production process has allowed me to sink even deeper into what’s most important to me — the conversations I get to bring to life. Soulfire™ has been pivotal in expanding our platform and helping us reach the audience that it has. And bonus props for our episode trailers that consistently get rave reviews!"

- Cal Callahan, host of The Great Unlearn

"Soulfire™ is home. Not even “feels like home”, *is* home. They have taken care of me and my show “Basic Witches” for years and I am forever grateful. The entire team feels like family and shows me that they actually care each step of the way. They treat the production of your show as if it were their own, and you cannot beat that. For “Basic Witches” we went from a good podcast to a GREAT all-around brand during our journey with SFP. Cannot recommend enough. Come home!"

- GG Sauvage, co-host of Basic Witches

"From the initial consult, to on boarding, to monthly updates, and timely rollout, Soulfire™ Productions has been nothing short of professional. The time and effort into making us feel seen and heard when it comes to the vision of our podcast, making sure we are happy with every detail, and keeping us updated on our monthly statistics has been so incredibly helpful. What sets Soulfire™ apart is their acceptance of their clients. There is no judgement of topics or conversations; they truly want our voices to be heard by the world and work so hard to make sure of that!"

- Emily Stanwyck, podcast manager for Birthing Instincts

"As a newbie here in the podcasting space it’s never an easy task taking on a new, unknown venture. It’s exactly why I was adamant about having Soulfire™ Productions be the one to hold my hand as I started this journey. And they did much more than that. They gave me the gift of feeling like someone always had my back, wasn’t going to let me fail, educating me from the start and ultimately championed my work so the best version of me could live in this new space. So I could focus on what I was there to do: create the best conversation with my community that I could. Kelli and her team of Sam, Melanie and Josh were completely reliable, responsive and allowed me to feel that this launch was going to be smooth and successful. And it was. And it is. So happy as I grow I get to grow with Soulfire™. I feel wildly set up for success and whatever comes my way."

- Christina Glickman, host of XTRA: Life & Style Unscripted

"Although my show is relatively recently launched, I've been working with SFP for the better part of 6 months starting with the idea for my show and going from there. The expertise and guidance they have provided to me has been invaluable, and I am only getting started. It has been the best decision to move forward with their production services - it provides me with such peace of mind that not only will everything go smoothly so long as I do my part, but the social media posts and guidance are literally worth their weight in gold for me. I'm thrilled to be part of the SFP family!"

- Aine, host of Sexualchemy

"Working with Soulfire™ has up-leveled my podcast game in so many ways. Not only do I have well produced audio + beautiful graphics to go with it, I'm also learning about podcast best practices, how my show data can help me scale, and networking with other like-minded hosts who have helped me expand my reach. This is a company that gets it! Work with them and thank me later."

- Judi Holler, Host of The "Yes, And" Podcast

"The dream of having a podcast and getting it out to the masses wouldn't be possible without Soulfire™ Productions. They are the best, most holistic, and even sought after production company I have ever seen. Myself and my entire team LOVE working with them, because not only is their production service great but their customer service is professional, kind, and just as supportive too!"

- Alexa Bowditch, host of That Sex Chick

"Working with Soulfire™ was the best thing I could have ever done for my podcast. I had been doing it all myself and not as consistent as I’d have liked. Once I started working with Soulfire™ I got into a groove, watched my show grow, and it became way more seamless to promote my episodes. Their team is incredible and puts so much care and intentionality into all they do. It takes a lot to trust someone else with your content as an entrepreneur and the Soulfire™ team are the only people I trust to produce my show. The masterminds are also incredible for connecting with other hosts and feeling like you’re truly part of a community versus going at it alone. If you’re thinking about joining this amazing network - do it, can’t wait to meet you inside!"

- Sarah Small, The Uncensored Empath