struggling to see the growth in your show that you desire?

Grow your downloads, monetize your show & make a big impact

Grow your downloads, monetize your show & make massive impact

It's time to up-level your podcast and impact the millions of people you've always dreamed of.  

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Welcome to Grow Your Show

 In this live program, you'll receive the support you need to finally break through your plateau, and show up as the brilliant, confident, and impactful podcast host you so clearly are.


When I fell off the edge of my comfort zone you were a soft place to land. Your tech talents are second to none and floating in the realm of exceptional. But what really makes you stand out from all the other productions companies is your Soul, your Fire.

- gemma

“Take my advice. Don't hesitate. Dive in. These pros have got you!”

Hi, I'm Kelli. The ceo of soulfire.

Trust me when I say you're not alone in your frustrations. 

That's literally why I started this production company. In 2020, I saw major shortcomings in the podcast industry. As a podcaster myself, I felt underwhelmed by the support available when I tried to get help to produce my own show. Plus, there was a noticeable lack of transparency, guidance, and community among podcasters.

that's when I said it's time to create the company that i needed, and that you need too.

welcome to

grow your show

A group program designed for podcast hosts so you can grow your downloads, monetize your show & make a massive impact!

Let's break it down

Here's What You'll Learn

Call 01

Let's get clear

- We'll get crystal clear on your why and your core values
- We'll identify what makes you unique as a host
- We'll help you truly nail down your ideal listener
- Plus, live coaching where we identify core challenges & solutions on specific shows

Call 02

Elevate your brand

- You're going to get specific ways to make your brand more professional
- We'll teach you how to title your shows so you can increase your downloads
- We'll give you a blueprint for content that converts into listeners
- Plus, how to position yourself as an authority & build more confidence

Call 03

How to Grow

- We're going to teach you exactly how to monetize your show
- We're also going to show you specific techniques to get more reviews so you have more credibility
- Plus, we'll teach you the best ways to run ads so that your listeners actually convert to buyers

Call 04

Get Visible AF

We're going to teach you our exact strategy for launching and leveraging a rebrand.

Plus, we'll have even more live coaching so you can learn and make changes in real time.

How Does This Sound?

The Results You're Going to Get:


Bite-sized action every week so that you can make massive changes easily


Growing your downloads & getting the most aligned listeners tuning in


A clear plan to monetize your show so that it actually works FOR you


Your blindspots illuminated & an exact strategy to overcome them


An elevated brand, better storytelling & a show that you're so damn proud of


How It Works

save big time

This will be the ONLY time we are ever launching this program at this price. So you're going to want to get in now!

Join the calls

We kick off in March of 2024. If you have to miss a call that's okay! We will send you the recording.

get Supported

Along with our coaches, you're going to have access to the most epic community of podcasters to love on you and cheer you on.

Start 2024 off with your show making massive waves

So Let's Get Started!

Erika got clear af on her direction

I feel like I gained a lot of clarity and truly feel so much lighter!

"Thank you so much for our session today. I feel like I gained a lot of clarity after our conversation and truly feel so much lighter. I am so excited to put some of your tips into action and re-launch the new podcast."  

Gemma gained so much strength in her gifts

If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Soulfire.

"For your mad skills, big hearts, and fiery souls - thank you! What word is bigger than gratitude? I don’t know, but that’s what I’m feeling for your support in turning my podcast dream into reality." 

Whether you have been stuck growing your show for 3 months, or 3 years, that gets to end now.

At Soulfire, we have launched over 60 shows into the top 15% off ALL podcasts.

With our tried and true methods, we will provide you a no b.s. approach for how to grow your show, make money while doing it, and impact the millions of listeners you were always meant to support.

Save money, time, energy and grow the hell out of your podcast!

“Soulfire is the catalyst for you to stop playing small in the podcast game”

By the end of grow your show, you will...

Have a crystal clear idea on who you're speaking to and how to position yourself as an expert within your niche

Learn how to monetize your show by getting clarity on your offers

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your podcast and taking things to the next level. 

Elevate your brand by improving your show titles, topics, & storytelling abilities

Know what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can attract your ideal listener

Have a clear strategy for your show, how to grow it, and how to get more reviews

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“We have over tripled our audience size and continue to grow exponentially.”

 The recommendations from the team were extremely executable and to the point. They are experts in the podcast space and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to take their podcast to the next level. 

- Daniel Apke

“After completing this program I finally started attracting my dream clients.”

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.





I'm Kelli, the truth-teller.

As the visionary of Soulfire, I'm here to initiate you into your most potent and expressed self. You see, it's not actually about the podcast. It is, but it isn't. Let me explain. 

The podcast is the vessel

Having a successful podcast is going to ask everything of you. It's going to ask you to see yourself over and over again. It's going to ask you love yourself even deeper. It's going to ask that you use your voice and take a stand for something.

And I know that's exactly why you're here. You didn't start this show to make it a hobby. You started it because you wanted it to make something great. Dare I say, extraordinary?

Your impact truly begins when you say YES to yourself and everyone who will come after you. 

Just think of the millions of people you have yet to impact.

Grow Your Show is the only one of its kind because...

You get our exact strategy of how to grow & monetize your show

We WISH this information was so readily available back when Kelli started her show years ago.

There's no gate-keeping anymore. We're going to show you the exact plan we've used to take over 60 shows into the top 15% of podcasts.

Some of them got to the top 5%. So let us help you get there too.

save $500 & Join now

I'm Bryn, yOur Director of growth. and I'm going to help this be the year you *finally* commit to:

Owning your confidence as a host

Stop playing small with your show

Take up even more space in your niche

Get the support you've been craving

Creating and following a strategy that is proven to grow your show

Feeling aligned with the show you actually want to create vs. the one you are currently creating

Be seen by people who truly get you & your vision, and ask you to be even more audacious

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get these dope aF bonuses!

When you sign up for this round of the Podcast Ignitor, you're getting not 1, not 2, but 3 insane bonuses. Just by registering this round you're going to get the following:

1) A beautifully Guided Meditation to help boost your confidence and support your nervous system as you make these big, exciting changes

2) A professionally designed Media Kit Template for you to use as a support for getting yourself booked on other people's podcasts, and getting sponsorship deals too!

3) Our exclusive Podcast Episode Template that teaches you exactly what is needed to go into crafting the most powerful podcast episode 

This is your last chance!

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the call schedule?

Calls will be on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM CST and will be approximately 90 minutes long. There are 4 calls total. The schedule is as follows: 11/30, 12/13, 1/3, and 1/17.

What happens if I can't make a call live?

No worries! Obviously we want you live but all calls will be recorded and emailed to you. If you can't make it live that's OKAY! You will still get so much value by watching the recording!

Will I be able to get support outside of the calls?

Absolutely. Once you join us, you will receive access to an private community where you can ask questions in-between calls.

What I want more 1:1 support for my show?

If you desire to get more 1:1 support, then we will have options for you to purchase 1:1 time for a discounted price that only our members get.

Do I need to have a podcast to be able to join?

Yes! We are only accepting those who already have an active podcast. This is not a space for those with no show.

When does the price go up?

Early bird pricing ends on November 5th at midnight. So if you wish to save $500, then get on it ;)

How will you learn about my show and what is needed?

The Soulfire team will send out an extensive intake form for you to fill out before we begin so that we can audit your show and give it our best feedback.

I still have questions. What should I do?

We got you! Please email for any other questions.


Shows launched since 2020 when we opened


The % all of our shows have reached


Collective downloads we've had since 2019


X's we cry weekly over how much we love our hosts

enroll now

Your time is now

We won't be running this again until end of 2024 and never again at this price. So let this year be the year  you grow your show beyond your wildest dreams!